Allan Camp on the Air and Off the Air

People in the greater Hartford area have been tuning in to Allan Camp since 1989 when he became the Program Director at WRCH and host of the Morning Show. His broadcasting career began in his old hometown of Rutland, Vermont and continued in southeastern New England on Cape Cod and in Providence. At WRCH he succeeded in creating a friendly morning show for listeners who liked a blend of light music, information about weather and traffic and some good laughs. He is proud of his community and lends a helping hand whenever possible, often meeting celebrities in the process. When he's not at the studio or a special event, you'll catch him behind a camera. He is considered a photography buff.‚Äč

Allan Camp has the pleasure of meeting Brickman and other performers
Photo of a lighthouse by Allan Camp
Allan Camp in a radio studio

ALLAN CAMP Audio Demos

Broadcasting mic
Photoshop Slide

ALLAN CAMP Photoshop

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